About Monowear

Our mission drives us to design high-quality unique products at reasonable prices to reach more people. We do this by designing all of our products in-house and collaborating directly with customers during our design process to achieve a more desirable product. We are also constantly improving our manufacturing process to ensure quality and efficient costs.

The Monowear team is a small group of designers and creators located in the heart of Silicon Valley where innovation inspires us, collaboration motivates us and good coffee fuels us.

Tech Loves Fashion

The technology we use often improves our lives and connects us like never before. We strive to compliment your devices through fashionable accessories that improve the way it looks and adds to your own personal style.

Collaboration Innovation

We design every band in-house as a team and during the design process we collaborate with customers. This kind of collaboration generates more innovations and gets us closer to the best possible product.

Feel Good Design

We believe good design is a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and quality. Good design in fashion not only makes you look good, but more importantly makes you feel good.