Tips for protecting yourself from COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus)

Tips for protecting yourself from COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus)


Hello MonoFam, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) outbreak.  It is definitely getting pretty serious out there. By now, I’m sure some of you have already been instructed by your employers to work from home.  However if you are still soldiering through working in the office, on the road, in retail stores and restaurants, we commend you for keeping our economy rolling, but please stay safe, informed, and protect yourself as much as possible.  

If you do need to go out in public, we found this awesome App called HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker which helps you stay informed of all the cases in your area, self-report if you start feeling ill, get the latest news, domestic and international.  Plus the data is from Johns Hopkins, so it’s for sure legit. When out and about, try to keep your distance from other people, 6 feet minimum is recommended. When washing your hands, 20 seconds is required to really maximize the germ deaths.  

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Cool Facts: There are several Monowear products that are water friendly :) Cocktail Leather and Saffiano Leather Collections have a water resistant outer layer. Our nylon and nylon active collections dry up quickly to keep your skin fresh throughout the day. Even our on-the-go travel fold up is water resistant!

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It’s also a good idea to always have hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol content available if you aren’t able to wash your hands.  Alcohol wipes are also nice, they come in handy to disinfect your iPhones, iPad, Macbooks, and Apple Watch.  

Here’s Apple official instruction on how to clean all of your devices:

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Quick Tip: Apple Pay for EVERYTHING! Did you know that the virus can even live on surfaces like cash for up to 2-3 days? So use contactless payments whenever possible! Apple Pay helps you avoid coming in contact with surfaces that are repeatedly touched by hundreds of people per day. 

Stay safe MonoFam, we’ll get through this!

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