The Apple Watch: A 21st Century Fashion Accessory

The Apple Watch: A 21st Century Fashion Accessory

Create Your Style on Your Wrist


It’s time to style yourself for the day. After all, it’s summer and people are going to notice -- at the office, out to dinner with a client, catching the local baseball team, or out for drinks. Shoes. Outfit. Hair.

Apple Watch? In 2017, you bet!

Not only is the Apple Watch a popular piece of cutting-edge technology, it’s become a popular fashion accessory since it debuted a few years ago. This may seem a little odd considering how technology and style aren’t exactly hand-in-hand, but wearable tech’s functionality is appealing to everyone, just like how the smartphone become quickly adopted. The only difference is that wearable tech can become a fashion accessory in addition to a communications device.

Make Your Apple Watch a Fashion-Forward Statement

Thanks to the one-touch release of the Apple Watch, it's possible to have multiple watch bands throughout your day. Thus, for every situation moving forward -- a morning workout, a day at the office, an evening out, even a special occasion -- it's possible to bring an extra one and switch when needed, essentially being like the Apple Watch version of Clark Kent going in a phone booth and coming out as Superman. Your workout watch band can easily become a sophisticated and stylish fashion accessory in a matter of seconds.

What's even better than that? Being able to wear the same Apple Watch band throughout the entire day, no matter what you're doing. This won't work for extremely vigorous workouts, but high-quality watch bands will sit comfortably on your wrist during light workouts or the hustle of a busy go-go-go morning.

On Apple Watch Band Quality

It's easy for an Apple Watch band to look good out of the box, even if it's a knockoff​ made overseas. But what happens a month, a week, even a day after use? The edges get frayed, the strap loosens, and it just feels cheap -- and how quickly this happens depends on the quality of the material and the quality of the manufacturing.

Both from a functional and fashion perspective, quality counts. It's hard to rock your best suit or stun the room with your dress when your Apple Watch band looks like it's going to come apart at the seams. But with right Apple Watch band -- one made with the utmost care and designed for both style and use -- your Apple Watch becomes much more than an extension of your iPhone; it can become part of your fashion statement, and an assortment of watch band materials and colors can help you put the exclamation point on an outfit.

Types of Apple Watch Bands

Color: A big part of how an Apple Watch band works with your outfit is the color you select. Most quality Apple Watch band manufacturers provide their catalog in a variety of colors. It’s just as important as cut or material when coordinating with your attire for the morning or the evening. Besides choosing a specific color, it's also possible to go with black or white. These colors provide the most versatility, going along well with dark or light outfits of varying colors.

Of course, the Apple Watch itself offers options to go with this. Based on the model you purchase, your Apple Watch has bezels that come in different colors. A good Apple Watch band comes with clasps that match your Watch's bezel for a seamless look.

Nylon: You won’t typically use a nylon watch band for a high fashion event, but it is a rugged and durable material that offers a clean and streamlined look. Nylon bands are versatile, perfect for a light workout -- particularly any nylon bands designed more specifically for vigorous activities. Other fine uses for nylon bands include day-to-day time at the office, weekends golfing or at a barbecue, or a casual evenings out such as a summer dinner or Happy Hour drinks. A nylon Apple Watch band probably wouldn't be that fitting for a formal engagement such as a wedding or black-tie professional event, though if you're limited for options, a black or dark grey nylon band can still be a workable option.

Leather: Leather is a classic material. Clean, elegant, and versatile, quality leather helps deliver a sophisticated look while feeling cool to the touch. Leather is definitely not for any type of working out -- you don't want to accurate the sweat and grime of hard exercise while wearing a leather watch band -- but it's otherwise a perfect choice for a single day with multiple occasions. For example, if you have a morning subway commute, then a normal work day including a lunch date, then a night out with friends at a local favorite bar, a leather watch can stay on your wrist literally from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. Leather bands come in a range of colors depending on your style and taste, though it's definitely possible to go with a simple dark look to provide you with versatility for your looks.

Leather Deployant: Similar to a classic leather band, leather deployant watch bands uses a leather base but offers a unique look based on its stitching and clasps. Leather deployant watch bands provide a slightly more rugged lug than the classic leather, and can be perfect for situations where you want a stylish look but a little rougher around the edges.

Perforated Leather: Perforated leather watch bands demonstrate a unique texture that’s distinctive in its elegance. From a functional perspective, perforated leather tends to breathe a little better as well (that’s why they’re used so often in high-end car seats). But from a fashion perspective, this is a great choice when you want something less traditional than a clean-cut leather watch band but don’t want the unique clasp seen in leather deployant watch bands.

Metal: Metal watch bands are a timeless look, but one that’s boldly different from leather watch bands. Metal watch bands tend to feel more masculine, both in their shape and their size, and available colors tend to play to this vibe. Usually available in silver or gold, metal bands on an Apple Watch bring together past and present -- a look that was as striking in the 1950s as it is today, but on a piece of wearable tech, creating a unique blend of suave, sophisticated and functional. For a different take on this, try a black or dark grey metal Apple Watch band; this delivers the same design but the color scheme creates a bolder look while maintaining a classic style.

Fashionable Apple Watch Bands

So now you know about the different types of Apple Watch bands to accessorize your outfits, but where do you go to find them? While it’s certainly possible to go with the standard Apple Watch bands -- they get the basic job done -- there are a number of other bands out there. Whatever you do, we recommend avoiding the cheap bands you’ll find on eBay or other online retailers; those are made of shoddy material and may break at the least opportune time.

Instead, check out your quality options. If you’ve got a really high budget, you can look at the different Apple Watch bands made by fashion house Hermes. These have the signature Hermes look while meeting the company’s top-notch material and manufacturing standards, though they’re only for those willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for an Apple Watch band.

At Monowear, we pride ourselves on being the quality alternative to people who with a more down-to-earth budget. Our Apple Watch bands are made from the finest materials with strict quality control for manufacturing and packaging and generally cost around $50. Monowear bands come in a variety of colors, all designed to match the different colored bodies of Apple Watches, along with offering a range of the most popular and in-demand materials.

Monowear's Apple Watch bands deliver sleek and elegant designs while allowing you to use your cutting-edge technology -- our designs started with the idea that Apple Watch bands can look just as good as high-fashion watches; it's simply the best of both worlds.

See for yourself at Monowear's catalog, and if you're looking for a safe way to store multiple Apple Watch bands, check out our popular Monochest: a case for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch bands.

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