Product Spotlight: Perforated Leather Watch Band

Product Spotlight: Perforated Leather Watch Band

Monowear Expands Leather Watch Band Offerings


At Monowear, we’re constantly trying to innovate and present the Apple Watch community with new and exciting options. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our new perforated leather watch band.

This type of watch band has been available for traditional watches for decades, which is why we decided to create one for the Apple Watch user. With the new perforated leather watch band, Monowear delivers something that’s both classic and new to the Monowear line of Apple Watch bands.

What You’re Getting

Monowear has established a reputation for several key traits with every product: quality materials, adaptability, and strong designs that leave a lasting impression. With the new perforated leather Apple Watch band, these same standards are still part of the package, but in a new product, one that may be familiar to watch enthusiasts but new to the Apple Watch market.

As with all Monowear products, our material selection and manufacturing standards are top-notch. The outer side of this watch band features genuine leather with perforations systemically notched into it for better breathability, lighter weight, and an overall easier feel when wearing an Apple Watch. The inside of the band still features Monowear’s suede leather found in other pieces -- top-of-the-line genuine leather for durability and comfort. This is brought together with subtle edge stitching and a tapered shape for a streamlined look.

Of course, you’re going to want to be choose your color for your Apple Watch band. Monowear offers the perforated leather watch band in three colors:

Monowear Perforated Leather Apple Watch Band in Black

Black: Sleek and classic, the black watch band is both timeless and bold.

Monowear Perforated Leather Apple Watch Band in Chestnut

Chestnut: A warm brown hue, the chestnut watch band offers a more traditional style for the Apple Watch.

Monowear Perforated Leather Apple Watch Band in Gray

Gray: Monowear’s gray leather watch bands provide a modern look with traditional comfort, perfect for the Apple Watch.

Monowear offers further personal selection with the buckle adapter that connects to your Apple Watch. Colors are specifically selected and manufactured to match Apple Watch options for a seamless look (though if you want to mix and match for aesthetic purposes, be our guest). For each Apple Watch band, the following adapter buckles are available: Space Gray Aluminum, Silver Aluminum, Yellow Gold Aluminum, Rose Gold Aluminum, and Stainless Steel.

FAQ: Perforated Leather Apple Watch Band

Q: What are the notable features with this watch band?

A: As with all Monowear products, the true difference is in the attention to detail across all levels of the product. Monowear selects materials carefully, ensuring the highest quality of leather. The manufacturing -- from cuts to stitching to assembly -- all follow strict quality-control guidelines. Colors are selected based on knowledge and experience of watch looks -- both traditional and modern fashions, as well as what makes sense for the Apple Watch. As for the actual design, Monowear’s team looks at a number of different variables. Comfort is important, as is a striking visual look, one that fits the feel of the material as well as the uniqueness of the cut. Overall, the goal is for it to be well-balanced, providing a memorable and desirable look while feeling great to wear.

Q: Why perforated leather?

A: Perforated leather is used in a number of products. Most people recognized it as a luxury car seat, and it’s often chosen for such things because of its balance between breathability and comfort. The perforations also allow it to be lighter in weight than traditional leather.

In general, perforated leather provides a good balance of aesthetic and functional qualities. Breathability is a major selling point. This is why it’s often used in car seats -- they remain comfortable and retain the best qualities of a leather surface while staying much cooler than flat leather. In fact, Monowear’s designers chose the luxury car seat as its design inspiration. From the small perforations to the subtle stitching to the tapered shape, all of this worked out as a fine balance between traits, creating a final product that is look as well as it wears.

Q: When should I wear this watch band?

A: Monowear’s perforated leather watch band was designed to be a stylish everyday choice while also being high-fashion enough to complement evening wear. During the day, its comfort is its biggest selling point -- it becomes a nearly invisible piece of your overall ensemble thanks to how comfortable, thin, and lightweight it is. During evenings out, the design is elegant and simple, yet stylish enough to standout as a complementary piece for the right outfit, right dress, or right shirt -- it’s sure to get extra glances whatever the occasion.

However, this watch band isn’t ideal for heavy workouts. Its lightweight and breathable material make it suitable for light workouts (though really, you should have a dedicated watch band for exercising) or when you have to hustle quickly around the office, but that is the limit of the material’s exercise appropriateness.

Which Material is Right for You?

Clearly, we’re big believers in the perforated leather Apple Watch band. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit for every situation or every person. Monowear’s catalog offers a diverse choice of base materials: traditional leather, perforated leather, nylon, nylon for active use, metal, and ceramic. All of those come in a choice of colors designed to fit the aesthetic of your Apple Watch.

So which is the best for you? Just because we’re launching the new perforated leather watch band doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily right for your situation. Each material offers pros and cons in addition to its own unique aesthetic. For example:

Monowear Perforated Leather Apple Watch Band in Chestnut

Perforated Leather: We’ve talked about this in more detail above, but the perforated leather band really is the perfect utility choice, offering a little bit of everything. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day at work, comfortable enough to endure a bit of daily hustle, yet stylish enough for you to keep it on for an evening out. It’s the perfect combination of hard work, honesty, and class.

Monowear Nylon Apple Watch Band in Red

Nylon: This is the flipside of perforated leather -- comfortable enough for everyday wear, but designed for indoor and outdoor durability. The dual-layered nylon construction and rounded buckles give a sleek and athletic aesthetic, and for those that want to use their Apple Watch in an even more rigorous environment, Monowear has an active nylon variant.

Monowear Metal Link Apple Watch Band in Black

Metal Link: A band that dresses up your Apple Watch as much as attire for special occasions and evenings out, Monowear’s metal link watch band offers a familiar look for the smart device age. The classic metal style bridges the gap between traditional wrist wear and modern technology.

Knowing those options, which one is right for you? The things you should ask yourself are:

  • What time of day will you be wearing it?
  • What is your general style like?
  • Will you be changing it at any point or do you want to wear it for as long as possible?
  • Is there a certain look or feel that you want to emulate?
  • Will you be exercising with it, and if so, for how long and how vigorously?
  • What color is your Apple Watch?

Once you have the answers to those questions, you should have a better sense of what you’re looking for. In general, we recommend that you have three watch bands: one for general day-to-day wear, one to wear during workouts, and one to wear for evenings out.

More to Come from Monowear

Monowear started with a simple mission: to design and manufacture Apple Watch products that used the highest quality materials while delivering a strong aesthetic that complemented technology. Our design team are constantly dreaming up new innovations just like the perforated leather watch band. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest updates and sneak peaks at future products.

Got an idea for a new look? Is there a certain style you’re looking for in your Apple Watch product? Whether it’s an Apple Watch band, iPhone case, or some completely different type of Apple Watch accessory, we’d love to hear from you -- contact the Monowear team, let us know your thoughts and requests, and you might help shape the future of our product catalog.

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