Monowear Watchbands are a Necessity Accessory

Monowear Watchbands are a Necessity Accessory

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Apple Watches are all the rage these days. Not only are they convenient for checking texts and e-mails with a simple flick of the wrist, but they also integrate perfectly with your iPhone for music, reminders, health updates, and Siri. And while convenience is one thing, you definitely need to make sure you’re looking stylish at the same time – because what you wear is an outward reflection of your personality and individuality. And that’s where Monowear comes in.

Monowear was one of the first companies to create 3rd party Apple watch bands that blend functionality, aesthetics, and quality without breaking the bank. This Bay Area Start-Up takes pride in designing and creating Apple Watch bands from scratch that is truly unique.

Monowear spends countless hours evaluating designs and how they affect their customers’ interactions with the Apple Watch. With a wide selection of leather and nylon styles, there’s a band for every occasion, whether casual or formal. Now, if you’re like us and you start to build a large collection of watch bands, you need to check out their unique and beautiful storage options.

The Monochest can store up to 3 bands with a slot for the magnetic charging cable It is great for storage and charging right beside your bed or on your dresser. And if you’re on the go, you’ll want to check out their stylish water-resistant Travel Fold-Up case where you can store and carry all of your bands as well as your charger.

It’s the perfect travel companion. So if you have an apple watch but are bored of the original band, Check out Monowear’s collection of Apple Watch accessories by heading to today.

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