Discover Why Customers Prefer Monowear Leather Watch Bands

Discover Why Customers Prefer Monowear Leather Watch Bands

Presenting Monowear’s Leather Apple Watch Bands


Your Apple Watch is all about connectivity, notifications, heart sensor, and other cutting-edge features. However, in the end, it’s still a watch -- it sits on your wrist and you want it to look good. That’s where Apple Watch bands come in. The Apple Watch’s one-touch release makes it quick and easy to change your watch band, so you can find one that truly fits your aesthetic and lifestyle.

In addition to Apple’s own bands, Apple Watch bands are easy to come by in the third-party market. The trick here is that quality across material, design, and manufacturing vary wildly (as does cost to match). So while you may find a silicone sports band on eBay for $10, chances are it won’t look that great and it’ll degrade much faster than you’d want.

Monowear Leather Watch Band Samples

At Monowear, one of our biggest goals was to establish a measurable high standard for third-party Apple accessories at an affordable price. Since we’ve come to market, we’ve earned a reputation of being affordable and stylish while being manufactured with the highest quality materials. This is particularly true for our leather Apple Watch bands -- we use only genuine leather, our product design team comes with years of specialized industry experience, and our commitment to quality control on the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping process means that our customers get exactly what they expect. Sometimes, even more.

While we sell a wide variety of Apple Watch bands (metal, ceramic, nylon), there’s something about a leather watch band that just seems right. The look, the feel, the stitching on genuine materials -- all of it is the exact balance of modern and traditional, simple and elegant. Let’s take a closer look at the three Monowear leather band options.

Leather Band Options

Monowear offers three different types of leather bands:

Monowear Classic Leather Band in Navy with Gold hardware

Classic Leather Bands: The Classic Leather Band is one of Monowear's best-known pieces. Made with genuine leather, the Classic Leather Band uses a clean, simple design with strong lines and a Napa finish. Available in brown, black, red, and navy blue, the Classic Leather Band is elegantly simple and perfect for nearly any occasion.

Monowear Perforated Leather Apple Watch Band in Black with Space Gray hardware

Perforated Leather Bands: The Perforated Leather Band is the perfect balance of style and functionality. Made from genuine leather, the Perforated Leather Band is cut with a tapered shape and finished with subtle edge stitching. Perforated leather -- the same kind found in luxury car seats -- allows for a lighter feel with easy breathability, making this the perfect choice for anyone who wants a stylish look while being on the go. Available in black, brown, and gray.

Monowear Leather Deployant Apple Watch Band in Brown with Space Gray hardware

Leather Deployant Band: The Leather Deployant Band offer a strong look with clean stitch lines running along the edges of the band. Made from genuine leather with a Napa finish, the Leather Deployant Band's bold stitches balance the elegant leather design for a truly unique design. The Leather Deployant Band's body and stitch combinations include brown and windsor tan stitches, black and midnight gray stitches, red and rose stitches, and navy and ribbon blue stitches.

All Monowear leather watch bands are available in both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch sizes, with stainless steel adapters to match your Apple Watch color (space gray, silver, rose gold, yellow gold, and silver stainless steel).

Monowear Classic Leather Apple Watch Band in Brown

One of the best things about all of our leather watch bands is their versatility. Stylish enough to wear on an extravagant night out yet simple enough to be a part of everyday fashion, all the Monowear leather watch bands can work as multi-faceted accessory. In fact, we've found that the leather watch band family is so flexible in usage that many of our customers will make it their primary band -- and while switching a watch band is quick and easy for the Apple Watch, it's not actually that necessary if you're happy with your watch band from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed.

The only real area of limitation is exercise. The perforated leather watch band allows for a lighter feel with easier breathing compared to other leather watch bands. This keeps things cool and comfortable if you're on the go, such as rushing between meetings or taking a brisk walk. However, if you're going into a vigorous workout, we recommend going specifically with a sport band, something designed to wick away sweat and while being easy to clean.

But don't take it from just us. We've heard directly from Monowear fans about why they like our leather Apple Watch bands so much.

Monowear Customer Review

Meet Joey

Joey is a 33-year-old Operations Director at a non-profit organization in Boston. It’s safe to say that Joey’s a big Apple Watch fan -- he owns 25 different bands for his Apple Watch, and five of those are Monowear bands. We talked with Joey a bit about the Apple Watch and why he loves his Monowear bands so much.

Let’s start with the Monowear difference. There’s a reason why such a large percentage of Joey’s Apple Watch bands are Monowear bands. “It's really hard to find an other party band that is comparable or even better than the quality of the products that Apple releases. Most of the time when you order aftermarket pieces they don't stand the test of time,” says Joey.

Keep in mind that aftermarket pieces refer to anything not sold directly by Apple, from $5 eBay imports from overseas to Monowear to other known vendors. “The quality of the band Monowear produces is very high. When I first purchased the navy one people asked me continuously where I got it. It looks so good and really ties together business and casual.”

We often tell customers that they should own three bands: an everyday one for all situations, a workout one for intense exercise and sweat, and one for special occasions. (This is, of course, assuming you wear the Apple Watch nearly all of the time, but why wouldn’t you?)

Monowear Customer Quote on Watch Band usage

Joey has found that the Monowear leather watch band works perfectly for everyday usage. “I am able to go from a business meeting to dinner with friends to watching a Red Sox game and still feel that my watch looks expensive but also looks casual,” he says. “I wear my Apple Watch all the time. Most of the time it is with your watch bands. I transition from leather to nylon between which activity I'm going to do.”

So, what specifically does Joey like about Monowear? The design? The materials? The craftsmanship? Turns out, it’s all of the above, and it matches what Joey finds in watch bands that cost two or three times the Monowear price.

“The silicone ones that comes standard on the Apple Watch begin to smell and fade away. The rich leather and nylon of your product has lasted for months without any impurities,” says Joey. “The quality and the look of the Monowear leather band is timeless. Other products are either very expensive or look cheap...I purchased the $150 leather band from Apple and feel like the quality of yours is comparable.”

Designing the Monowear Classic Leather Apple Watch Band in Brown

It’s not just the band material -- Joey’s a big fan of the clasps and overall design as well. “You can tell there was a lot of thought when producing these bands. You're even able to choose the hard pieces color to match your face.”

Of course, the best marketing comes from word of mouth. At Monowear, we’ve found that our customers love our products enough to share their experiences with friends and family. “I don't have to tell them anything,” Joey says, which is actually the best kind of testimonial. “The watchband speaks for itself I've had a couple of friends even logon after seeing it and purchase the band. It is unlike many other styles on the market and it doesn't have to be over $200 to purchase directly from Apple. So having a fresh and expensive looking alternative that doesn't break apart is a huge draw.”

What’s the one thing Monowear can do better? Turns out, it’s to support consumers having many (as in Joey’s 25) watch bands. “ I am hesitant to buy the case for the watches you make because I have so many bands.” (Keep in mind that Monochest only holds up to four bands.) If you were to make a larger version to house the bands and display the watch. I would make something like that. Less for travel and more for home storage.”

Monowear Classic Leather Perforated Leather and Leather Deployant

Thanks for the feedback, Joey. We’ll look into practically expanding Monochest to hold a collection like yours. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore the products Joey is so passionate about for yourself. See the Monowear leather collection, along with our nylon, metal, and ceramic watch bands. Joey is just one of our many loyal customers, and we’re confident that you’ll find something in our catalog that is just right for your Apple Watch needs.
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