Apple Watch Series 5 Unboxing

Apple Watch Series 5 Unboxing

Titanium Space Black & Sliver


Since the Aluminum and Stainless Steel housing colors haven’t changed from Series 4 to Series 5, we decided to pick the new Titanium version to do our unboxing.  Thankfully we were able to get both colors. During this unboxing, we’ll report on how the Titanium housing compares to the Aluminum and Stainless housings. We’ll also give our general impressions on the value and quality.

Watch the entire unboxing video HERE

We start with the 44mm which has the Space Black DLC coating.Presumably this coating is what Apple used on the Stainless Steel housing, however the color appears to have a yellow hue which gives it a warmer look.  On the other hand, the blasted Aluminum Space Gray has a blue hue which has a cooler look. 
Series 4, 44mm Space Black Stainless Steel / Series 5, 44mm Space Black Titanium / Series 3, 38mm Space Grey aluminum

Next we unbox the 40mm which doesn’t have a coating, and so we get to see the natural yellow hue of the Titanium raw material.  Hence why we think the yellow hue on the Space Black version is due to the natural yellow hue of the titanium material showing through the DLC coating.

44mm Space Black VS. 40mm Sliver Titanium

Now let's talk about the brushed surface, while it does look very unique, as we learned from Apple’s brushed Metal Link Band, the DLC coating wears off of brushed surfaces much faster than it wears off mirror polished surfaces like the Stainless Steel Housing.

Value/Quality Ranking:

  1. Space Black Stainless Steel - your getting a mirror polish surface which will essentially keep your housing from ever scratching
  2. Natural Titanium - you get a truly unique Apple Watch housing without worrying about the coating coming off
  3. Space Black Titanium - we’re worried about the DLC coating coming off and the yellow hue from the Titanium showing through the DLC looks kind of odd
  4. Natural Stainless Steel - looks great when brand new, but will scratch if you breath on it too hard


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