Apple Watch Series 5 Features

Apple Watch Series 5 Features

Everything you need to know


The long awaited Apple Watch Series 5 was just announced this morning.


Rumor was that there wouldn’t be any architectural changes from Series 4, and the keynote just confirmed that. 

So we’re happy to announce that Monowear Design bands will work with Series 5 Apple Watch.

Let’s go through some of the new features and material updates.


Hottest new feature is the Always-On display, allowing you to peak at the time even without raising your wrist :P

With this new feature, Apple is still able to achieve an all-day 18hr battery life, WOW!  Definitely means S5 has some major battery improvements. It’s unknown if you can turn off the always on display, but we would imagine if you could, you maybe able to get 2-3days of life on one charge!

Another great feature is the compass, not only allowing you to always know which direction you’re heading, but also your latitude, longitude, elevation and incline!  Hikers and runners get ready baby!

Finally, new key feature for international globetrotters, all cellular models have international emergency calling, so your loved ones know you’re safe when traveling.  

New features summary:

  • Always-on display
  • 18hr battery all-day life
  • Compass
    • can see facing direction on maps
    • Compass app: heading, latitude, longitude, elevation, incline
  • International Emergency Calling on all cellular models


Same as Series 4:

Regarding the color and finishes on the Aluminum and Stainless Steel models, we’re happy to see that they are identical to S4, so all of our adapter finishes and colors should still work and look great on S5.

While there were no major design changes, we did get a few new awesome materials. 

New for Series 5:

Happy to see that the Ceramic Edition watch is back, along with an all new Titanium material in Silver and Space Black DLC.  The Titanium models have a brush finish to them so they really stand out. Reminds us of the brush finish we put on our Monowear Metal Link Bands.  Maybe we should take a look at some new Titanium band designs :)

Onto Apple Watch bands, or the lack thereof…

New Bands (kind-of)

Seems we still have the same color refreshes on sport and sport loop, but really no new designs.  We did notice Apple brought back leather loop and added Gold-PVD and Black-DLC to Modern buckle hardware, the Gold Modern Buckle is super sexy!

However really no new bands designs from Apple with Series 5, it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new.  Come on Apple! Step it up!

Don’t you worry, here at Monowear, the team is definitely working on some amazing new bands, so if you follow us on social media, you’ll occasionally get a sneak peek :P

Design update summary:

  • New Housing Materials
    • 100% recycled aluminum: silver, gold, space gray
    • Stainless Steel: polished, gold, space black
    • Edition models
      • Titanium: Brushed Silver, Brushed Space Black with DLC
      • White Ceramic
    • Nike models with new sport band/loop colors
    • Hermes
      • Classic Hermes print color block bands
      • Space black hardware
  • New Bands
    • Leather loop
    • Modern Buckle


Pricing is pretty standard.  Starting at $399 for the small 40mm aluminum GPS model.  Adding on $30 gets you to the larger 44mm size. Or adding $100 gets you GPS + Cellular.  Stainless steel models have a $300 premium on aluminum models. The new premium Titanium Edition model is only $100 more than Stainless, a great value, we think that this model will sell the best!  And for all you ballers out there, Ceramic starts at $1,299.  

Also Series 3 is sticking around for $199 which is only half the price of Series 5, amazing value!

Pricing summary:

  • Series 3 Aluminum
    • 38mm:
      • $199 (GPS)
      • $299 (GPS + Cellular)
    • 42mm:
      • $229 (GPS)
      • $329 (GPS + Cellular)
  • Series 5 Aluminum 
    • 40mm:
      • $399 (GPS)
      • $499 (GPS + Cellular)
    • 44mm:
      • $429 (GPS)
      • $529 (GPS + Cellular)
  • Stainless Steel (GPS + Cellular)
    • 40mm: $699
    • 44mm: $749
  • Titanium (GPS + Cellular)
    • 40mm: $799
    • 44mm: $849
  • Ceramic (GPS + Cellular)
    • 40mm: $1,299
    • 44mm: $1,349

Apple also mentioned some great work they’re doing on the Health Research side of things.  Apple noticed the number of lives it was changing and saving from the Heart Study they did last year, with +400k participants contributing to early detection of AFib.  So A new Apple Research App will launch late-2019, adding Hearing, Women’s Health, and Heart & Movement studies. The Apple Hearing Study measures daily sound exposure and how it impacts your long term hearing health.  Apple Women’s Health Study focuses on how menstrual cycles can detect infertility and osteoporosis. And finally the Apple Heart & Movement Study captures metrics to help create innovative interventions to improve overall health.  Go Apple!

    The Apple Watch Series 5 can be preordered starting on September 10 and it will deliver on September 20. This is for US, Canada, Australia, and more. Check Apple for your countries release dates.

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