Apple Watch Photo Faces

Apple Watch Photo Faces

Set Up Your Apple Watch With A Custom Photo Face


Apple Watch Custom Photo Faces is a great way to have a new looking watch face. You can make it personal, functional, or purely for style. Here at Monowear we often use custom photos during our photo shoots and during post-production to get a slicker looking photo. This blog post will be constantly updated with the photos we use so you can enjoy them on your Apple Watch as well. Read the tutorial below or skip to the photos below.

There are a few ways to set up your photo face. We will cover the Custom option as it allows you more flexibility to adjust the photo for your watch face.

Custom Photo Face

  1. Open Watch app on iPhone
  2. Under My Faces select Photos. If Photos is not there, you can add it from the Face Gallery tab.
  3. Tap Custom
  4. Tap a Photo Album, then select the photos you want and tap Done
  5. Your new photos should now be on your Watch.

Resize and Move Photos

  1. Tap the button under the Custom. It should show how many photos you added.
  2. Tap a photo and you'll be taken to a screen to resize, move, or delete the photo.
  3. Pinch to resize and drag the photo to move.

Watch the Tutorial



Below you'll see the Monowear photos with the use of custom photo faces. A lot of the photos we've been using lately for our Apple Watch faces have been from Unsplash is an amazing source of free photos by a great community of photographers. You can view the full photo on Unsplash with the link provided.

Lost in the Sauce by Caleb George


Modern Kitchen by Jason Briscoe


Christmas Pattern

Deployant Band Christmas


Christmas Pattern 2

Apple Watch Face Christmas Pattern

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