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A table filled with wrapped gifts and wrapping essentials. A table filled with wrapped gifts and wrapping essentials.

Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Apple Fans

Apple Gift Guide for Budgets of All Sizes


Tis the season for gift giving, and many out there have Apple products on their wish list. For budgets of all types and Apple fans of varying devotion (chances are you know at least a few that exclusively use Apple products), there are a wide range of gifts to give. We've curated our Top 10 below, broken up into different categories and price ranges so there's something here for every Apple fan on your list.

Apple Wearables

The Apple Watch took the tech world by storm last year, and now in its new iteration, there are more options with better hardware. In many ways, the integration of watchOS 3 makes the initial series feel like a tech demo; now, Apple's really figured out its user interface. Consider these Apple Watch models for budgets of all types.

Apple Watch Hermes Edition

Got a fashionista on your gift list? Or maybe you're one yourself? Apple has partnered with internationally renowned design house Hermes to create the Apple Watch Hermes Edition. These high-fashion watches feature exclusive watch faces and Hermes-crafted watch bands for the signature style only found with the Hermes brand. If you're not that fashion-aware, you may want to research this a little before promising it to anyone, as it can get pricey (over $1,000). And if you think this is expensive, we advise looking at their purses to avoid fainting from sticker shock.

A woman swimming while wearing the Apple Watcha Series 2.

Apple Watch Series 2

The Series 2, which premiered in September, is now the flagship model of Apple's smartwatch line. The biggest improvements are in the realm of workout capabilities. With a built-in GPS, the Apple Watch can track your distance and pace without needing to be actively paired with an iPhone. A new waterproofing standard is now capable of being submerged up to 50 meters underwater, and the new Series 2 even has a cool water-ejection feature to keep internal electronics clean and dry. Add in a brighter screen, faster dual-core processor, and the new watchOS 3, and it's clear that the Series 2 is a true leader and innovator in wearable technology.

Apple Watch Series 1

Not everyone needs the exercise perks of the Apple Watch Series 2 model. If you're looking for a fast and effective smartwatch to pair with your iPhone, the Series 1 provides an affordable alternative without the workout frills. That means that this model lacks the waterproofing and GPS of the Series 2 (though it can still sync with an iPhone GPS), but it has the dual-core processor that makes it faster than the launch model. Coupled with the upgraded watchOS 3 -- which we're big fans of -- and you have an intuitive and fashionable smartwatch capable of being an effective extension of your iPhone. We should note that the Series 1 does lack one significant everyday functional improvement: the brighter screen (Series 1 has the same brightness as the launch model).

Apple Devices

Going big when it comes to your gifts? Apple hardware is considered top-of-the-line for a reason, and whether it’s used for a student, a professional, or anything in between, a quality Apple device can power their productivity for years to come. If you have an Apple fan on your list that would just love the latest version of hardware but doesn't have the budget for it, these items would land you on their Thank You list for years to come.

MacBook Pro

The new 15" model of Apple's flagship laptop weighs a miniscule four pounds -- think about a five-pound jogging weight, and consider that this new laptop weighs actually less than that. It's also thinner than the previous design, making it sleek and easy to cart around for whatever your needs are. But the changes go past the form factor: the new multitouch glass trackpad is nearly double the size of previous models, the new retina display is even brighter with greater color and contrast depth, and the new Touch Bar provides a simple and easy replacement for the old Function key. It's also got quite the engine under the hood, with a quad-core i7 processor and four Thunderbolt 3 ports with potential transfer speeds of 40 Gbps. In short, it's a hefty piece of hardware, and quite the gift for anyone looking to upgrade their laptop.

Apple iPad Air 2 in various colors.

iPad Air 2

Available for $399, the iPad Air 2 is the more affordable option of Apple’s current iPads. The Air 2 offers slightly lower specs than the iPad Pro, but it still delivers quite the bang for the buck. The beautiful 9.7” screen is powered by a 1.5GHz triple-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, meaning that whether you’re streaming Netflix, surfing the web, checking email, editing videos, mixing audio, taking photos, or using basic office applications, the iPad experience is sleeker and more efficient than ever before.

Apple Accessories

If you're getting gifts for Apple fans, chances are they've already got the latest and greatest hardware. No need to give redundant gifts or boring iTunes gift cards. Instead, consider these accessories -- things that everyone can use whatever their library of Apple hardware.

A man in a hurry checking his Apple watch while wearing Monowear's Brown Leather Apple Watch Band.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Earbuds can be found almost anywhere now, as in-package throw-ins to giveaways for corporate events. However, Bluetooth-enabled earbuds offer a new level of freedom from those pesky wires. These can also pair seamlessly with all of your favorite Apple devices. And if you've got a new Apple Watch Series 2, then your paired earbuds can allow you to listen to media straight from your Apple Watch -- no need to bring the iPhone along. This is particularly useful given the Series 2’s GPS capabilities, allowing you to pick up and go on your run without the iPhone in tow.

Watch Bands

One of the great features about the Apple Watch is its quick-release clasp. With just a quick push, the watch bands disengage from the Apple Watch, allowing you to swap them out for whatever you need for a particular situation. Since this is a gift guide, we won’t suggest the bottom-of-the-barrel stuff (though you can find watch bands for several dollars on eBay). Instead, quality watch bands generally cost between $50 and $100. By quality, we mean the materials are top of the lines, the manufacturing is sound, and the design is fashionable. Watch bands come in all varieties, from those ready for working out to classic metal looks to stylish leather or nylon perfect for a night out on the town.


No, we don't mean the standard USB or wall charger. Stylish desk chargers allow for easy docking of one or multiple devices, sometimes wirelessly depending on the hardware involved. Most importantly, desk charger docks allow you to charge your devices without a tangle of wires everywhere. That's the great annoyance of the modern age -- so many wires, so many things to detangle or avoid tripping on. A desk charger cleans all that up -- and speaking from personal experience, it's this writer's favorite tech gift from the last few years.

Smart Battery Case

While not the most aesthetically pleasing item in Apple’s catalog, a smart battery case is probably one of the most useful gifts you can give for an iPhone owner. The smart battery case can extend the life of your iPhone while also providing a protective outer shell to limit damage upon dropping or other types of impact. With the smart battery case, Apple estimates that battery life increases between 50-100% depending on the particular function. The physical case is made of a silicone exterior and a microfiber interior, ensuring the best combination of protective design for your iPhone. Smart battery cases are available for various iPhone models, so make sure you get the appropriate one from the Apple catalog.

A man in a hurry checking his Apple watch while wearing Monowear's Brown Leather Apple Watch Band.

Looking for More Apple Gift Ideas?

At Monowear, we loved Apple products so much that we started a company based around them. If you have questions, want more gift recommendations -- especially related to the Apple Watch -- get in touch with us on social media. We love talking all things Apple, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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