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Apple Nike Wathes with alternating black and white bands. Apple Nike Wathes with alternating black and white bands.

The Nike+ Apple Watch: The Definitive Workout Experience

Wearable Tech Designed for Runners, Swimmers, & Cyclists


The Apple Watch Series 2’s specifications show that the development team clearly geared this Watch towards the athletic crowd. With new features maximizing the device’s workout capabilities -- be they swimming, running, or cycling, either indoors or outdoors -- the Series 2 is the ultimate combination of smartwatch communication and FitBit-style workout tracker.

It’s no surprise, then, that Apple has evolved from its original Sport model that came during the original launch to a new partnership with Nike. The result is the Nike+ Apple Watch, a specific model of the device designed for the crossover between Nike’s and Apple’s audiences. Best of all, the Nike+ Apple Watch retails for the same price as the standard Series 2, so rather than being a more-expensive perk, the Nike+ model is simply the sensible choice for the workout-centric.

Nike+ Apple Watch Exclusive Features

Special Watch Band
The Nike+ Apple Watch comes with its own unique watch band, and while some of the other Apple Watch partnerships have watch bands that are purely aesthetic (like Hermes), the Nike+ watch band is mostly functional. The watch band, designed as a joint project between Apple and Nike, is a perforated band crafted for maximum breathability under strenuous workout conditions. It comes in four different case and band combinations, all of which are exclusive to the Nike+ model -- you won’t be able to purchase these watch bands elsewhere.

Pre-Installed Nike Software
In addition to exclusive watch bands, the Nike+ Apple Watch comes with two Nike-branded watch faces. These watch faces are best for runners, as they feature complications that link directly to the Nike+ Run Club app. Yes, it’s a little bit of corporate synergy with the app connectivity, but it’s still convenient for longtime runners who constantly access their Run Club app. It should be noted that the Run Club app comes pre-installed on the Nike+ model, though unlike the watch faces, the Run Club app is a free general download available on iTunes and Android users.

Standard Series 2 Features Included with Your Nike+ Watch

The Apple Watch Series 2 is, by general critical consensus, the definitive version of the Apple Watch. While the launch model was a workable piece of tech, it was clear that some features and user interactions weren’t totally fine-tuned to maximize their target audience. On the other hand, the Series 2 knows its user base, has revamped its interface, and is simply more powerful from the inside out. In a way, the launch model feels almost like a tech demo and the Series 2 is the true arrival of this wearable landmark. Here are the other standout features...

watchOS 3
Perhaps the biggest improvement since the launch of the Apple Watch is its overhaul of its operating system. This is an upgrade accessible and usable by every Apple Watch, but it’s pre-loaded on both current Fall 2016 models. watchOS 3 is smarter, more streamlined, and quicker, maximizing things like background operating time, notification displays, watch face switching, and preferred app access while simplifying configuration and maintaining the long battery life. If you’ve only used a launch Apple Watch with the original operating system, watchOS 3 will feel like a new experience.

A woman running with a Apple Nike Watch on her wrist.

GPS A GPS is an essential part of the modern workout regime for anyone who is into active outdoor exercise. Running, hiking, cycling, and swimming outdoors are all activities that can maximize the use of a GPS. In the launch version of the Apple Watch, the wearable device synced up with a paired iPhone and used the smartphone’s GPS for its workout apps. With the Series 2 model, the Apple Watch now has its own GPS hardware. What are the advantages of this? Simply put, you can pick it up and go. With the previous Apple Watch, a workout meant both the watch and its paired phone had to go, complete with armband for the phone -- which could be a problem for a swim (the best way to make that work would be keeping the phone dry on land by the pool or using a bulky waterproof case). Now the Series 2 model allows you to use the Apple Watch on its own, making it a true standalone workout experience.

In the original version of the Apple Watch, it was described as “water resistant” rather than “waterproof.” There's a very distinct difference between the two. The term “water resistant” means that the device is capable of withstanding general exposure to things like rain, the shower, washing hands, etc -- essentially, incidental contact to water through general day-to-day activities. It does not necessarily mean that it can used for swimming or other types of full submersion. “Waterproof” is what you get with the Series 2 model. It can withstand submersion up to 50 meters in depth, so unless you're deep sea diving, it will be able to work anytime you go for a swim. This is a breakthrough in connectivity for swimmers, allowing them freedom of movement without a paired iPhone. It also means that in addition to workout tracking, streaming pre-loaded playlists is possible for swimmers using waterproof earbuds. If you're a swimmer, the Nike+ Apple Watch is simply the best choice of wearable tech for your needs.

The Series 2 line of Apple Watches features Apple's brightest screen in its device catalog. The launch model and current Series 1 model offer 400 nits in brightness. The Series 2 models more than double that with brightness capabilities up to 1,000 nits. This allows for much easier viewing of notifications, messages, photos, and Complications data in high-brightness situations (mostly outdoors on a sunny day). Of course, the Apple Watch is highly customizable, so you'll be able to adjust the brightness based on your specific needs and preferences. In fact, the default is squarely in the middle of the Series 2 Apple Watch's brightness setting, which still makes it comparable to the maximum brightness of the Series 1 and launch models.

Size Options
From its launch, the Apple Watch has offered two screen sizes, 38mm and 42mm. This measurement is across its body’s height, not the diagonal which is how screens are commonly measured when it comes to TVs, monitors, and other displays. Since the new models arrived in Fall 2016, both Series 1 and Series 2 are available in this size. We recommend going to an Apple Store or other retailer in person to see the different sizes for yourself, as the idea of a 4mm difference doesn’t sound like much but it can feel much different. And while bigger makes it easier to read, it isn’t necessarily better in terms of being a good fit for you.

One-Touch Watch Band Release
One of the best features from the original Apple Watch still remains with all Series 2 (and Series 1) models. Want to change the look of your Apple Watch? Simply click the release and the watch bands easily pull out, allowing you to swap in new ones. At Monowear, we encourage people to have at least three watch bands to accommodate different situations. First, you should have an everyday usage watch band for time at the office, lounging around the house, or casual time outside. Second, you should have one for working out that properly handles sweat and vigorous movements, especially if you're going swimming. Third, you should have a more elegant one for special occasions or evenings out, something that stands apart from your everyday watch band.

Is the Nike+ Apple Watch Right for You?

You have several choices when it comes to Apple Watch models this holiday season, so which is best for you? In most cases, the standard Series 2 is the way to go. However, if you were already thinking how you’d need a watch with workout-heavy features, the Nike+ Apple Watch is the way to go. In addition, its exclusive watch faces link to the Nike Run Club app, making it that much easier to get up and go for a workout. And since it’s the same price as the standard Series 2, there’s no concern about breaking the budget to get these extra special features. In short, if you’re a weekend warrior and need technology to push you to the limit and beyond, the Nike+ Apple Watch is your wearable tech of choice.


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