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Holiday Cheer, The Apple Watch Way

Taking Holiday Festivities into The Tech Age


The holiday season is almost upon us. What does that mean? For many of us, it involves travel, friends, family, good meals, and time away from the rat race. It also brings us to plenty of events. From corporate holiday parties to large family gatherings to out-of-town friends coming by to say hello, there are many times during the season when you’ll want to get dressed up in appropriate attire. Even if you’re hitting the local mall just to get your shopping out of the way, it’s fun to wear the colors of the season and get in the spirit of things.

These days, fashion is much more than the clothes you wear. Wearable tech is a hot commodity, and the Apple Watch is at the forefront of this. The Apple Watch offers many things for the holiday season, from traditional style in the form of watch bands to new, fun modern tech ways to engage in festivities. They also make great gifts for your tech-savvy loved ones. So with Santa preparing his workshop in the North Pole (do they have an Apple Store there?), let’s consider all of the ways that an Apple Watch makes the holidays better.

Watch Faces

With the implementation of Watch OS3, it's easier than ever to switch watch faces -- just swipe completely from one edge of the screen to the next. This applies even to those wearing first-generation Apple Watches. With this handy feature, it's possible to have a watch face for every occasions. That means something for work, for home, for nights out, and for the holidays.

How to Change Your Apple Watch Face

Whether it's at an office party, a family get-together, or just a cup of eggnog over a dinner, the Apple Watch makes it easy to have a themed face display to go with other festive decorations (or, perhaps, your ugly sweater). The custom photo watch face is perfect for this, allowing you to customize the display with holiday cheer while also using two Complications slots thanks to the new Watch OS3 upgrade. You may even be able to find a watch face that matches the pattern of that ugly sweater.

Watch Bands

The ability to quickly swap between Apple Watch Faces is somewhat new based on Watch OS3. However, the one-click release of watch bands is something that's been a feature since the launch of the hardware. For many people, choosing the watch band has become like accessorizing with their outfit: earrings, tie color, and other details that help to make the outfit. Or it can be situational, such as swapping out bands for something intended for a workout during exercise.

With holiday parties, it's not much different -- simply select the type of watch band you want to go with the particular party theme (and watch face, if you're doing that). For example, a corporate holiday party at a nice hotel with high-quality food means dressing up in a dress or suit. The appropriate watch band for that would be something like Monowear’s classic leather look. On the other hand, if you're going over to your parents’ for a casual holiday dinner, you may want to turn down the elegance and tone up the cheer.

Elegant holiday party: Need to look high-class at your big corporate party? Try the Monowear silver metal band, a standard look that never gets old.

A man holding a laptop while wearing Monowear's Silver Metal Apple Watch Band.

Holiday-themed outfit: Wearing a bright red and green Christmas sweater? Get the right color watch band to go with it -- try a red nylon band, and don’t forget to update your watch face to match.

A woman sitting on a bench while wearing Monowear's Red Nylon Apple Watch Band.

Classy anytime: Maybe it’s a holiday lunch with out-of-town friends or picking up family from the airport. Whatever the occasion, timeless class is delivered with a variety of looks, such as the brown leather Apple Watch band.

A man in a hurry checking his Apple watch while wearing Monowear's Brown Leather Apple Watch Band.

A Multimedia Holiday

Looking for a creative way to use your Apple Watch for spreading holiday cheer? One of the easiest -- and most fun -- ways to do it is to simply load your holiday playlist into your phone. Whether it’s the old standards you hear during The Peanuts Christmas Special or modern holiday tunes from rock bands like The Ramones and The Pretenders, you can bring your holiday cheer with you wherever you go -- and you don’t even need your iPhone with you. If you’re simply trying to keep yourself in a festive mood, you can stream your holiday playlist from your Apple Watch (sync up your playlist from your iPhone) to a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. But if you’re really trying to spread cheer, get a small portable Bluetooth speaker (like a Jawbone speaker), charge it up, and bring the festivities with you.

Ever wish you could be a walking Christmas tree light? Okay, probably not, but with the Apple Watch, that is possible to an extent. Blinking and strobe light apps make it possible to set a color of your choice and get in the holiday spirit. (Disclaimer: these tend to be developed more for party and club purposes, but there’s no reason why you can’t turn them into seasonal fun!) Just make sure you’re not going to be too distracting to the people around you with your blinking lights.

Apple Watch in Your Stocking?

Of course, it's impossible to discuss the holidays without getting to gifts. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, another year-end festivity (let's not forget Festivus!), or just enjoying the time off with friends and family, gifts are inevitable. And for the tech-savvy, the Apple Watch is sure to be high on the list. We previously reviewed the Apple Watch Series 2 and we can highly recommend it for people who are on Santa's Nice List, especially if there are athletes and weekend warriors on the list.

For perhaps the ultimate gift involving an Apple Watch, there’s always the Apple Watch Hermes series. These specially curated and limited edition Apple Watch Series 2 watches come with watch bands from the world-renowned Hermes brand. Culling looks from classic Hermes styles, these unique gifts are pricey and run between $1,000 and $1,500.

Chances are, you won't be buying Apple Watches for everyone, let alone from the Apple Watch Hermes catalog. The next best thing for Apple fanatics and Apple Watch owners is watch bands. Not cheap watch bands manufactured overseas (another topic we've covered), but high-quality bands for different styles and occasions. Our Monowear brand of Apple Watch bands are recognized for their manufacturing quality and sense of style. They come in a variety of looks, from classic leather straps to rugged metal and mesh to our popular ceramic watch bands. Each series is available in a wide range of colors to fit your personal sense of fashion, and fit both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches and generally come in under $75.

A Man covering his mouth while sporting Monowear's Black Metal Apple Watch Band.

At Monowear, we know we’re not the only quality watch band out there. We’re fans of quality design and exquisite manufacturing, and we recognize that Hermes is one of the finest watch band makers out there. Those Hermes-branded Apple Watches may be out of the price range of many gift-givers, but it’s also possible to get Hermes bands for your Apple Watch as a standalone item. These run anywhere from $150 to $650, but with Hermes, you know what you’re getting: immaculate design, detailed craftsmanship, and top-of-the-class quality. Heck, we make our own bands and we’d still like to get a Hermes band as a holiday gift!

Tech-Savvy Holiday Cheer

When Apple released the Apple Watch, the company probably didn’t envision its leading piece of wearable tech becoming a fashion accessory, one that could be customized and adapted into a piece of seasonal festivities. But that’s exactly what the Apple Watch is; not only is it the perfect gift for any iPhone user, the many ways to customize its appearance and functionality make it a simple, quick, and fun way to take holiday cheer into the 21st Century.


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